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Steep Stir: Ideal for the Kitchen, Workplace, and Gifts

Posted by Lorie Mancias on

Steep Stir: Ideal for the Kitchen, Workplace, and Gifts

The Steep Stir continues to grow in popularity for a number of reasons. Because it makes using loose tea so easy, consumers have a wider variety of flavors to make this refreshing hot beverage! Place your favorite type of loose leaf tea into the Steep Stir and close it. Place it into a cup and add hot water. Let the tea steep, sipping it now and then until it has the perfect flavor for your taste. It is fun to experiment, and to discover the different blends available at supermarkets and specialty stores.

Made with quality stainless steel, the Steep Stir is easy to carry along when you’re away from home. Several owners have written reviews to tell of their delight because of the ability to scoop loose leaf tea into the infuser before they leave for work. They close it, place it in a plastic bag or the accompanying carrying tube, and take it to work with them. It’s ready to make a refreshing cup of their favorite tea later in the day.

A note about using is to leave room for swelling. The bits of tea leaf unfold as the water passes through them. The grate has just the right size of openings to hold the leaves within while letting the flavors out. This infuser is absolutely perfect for making the ideal cup of tea! In addition, the leaves and infuser can be set aside and used to make a second cup later in the day. It’s a great way to save money while still treating yourself to the beverage you enjoy.

How is the Steep Stir different from other types of portable tea infusers? Balls used to hold tea for steeping have a chain to lift the utensil out of the cup when the tea is brewed to taste. Even with the bent holder at the top, the chain is notorious for slipping into the cup. Retrieving it requires a fishing expedition with a fork or even a crochet hook! Once you have the chain, you can lift the tea ball infuser out of the cup. The Steep Stir has a sturdy, attractive handle that won’t collapse and drop into the cup or mug of tea.

Whether drinking tea is part of your everyday routine or a beverage used for special occasions, the design and ease of use will enhance the experience. It only takes a few tries to discover how much loose leaf tea to put into the barrel and how long to steep the tea so it is perfect for your taste! This wonderful gift is easy to order on-site or through the Amazon Gateway.

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