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Spice Up Your Tea with Tea Accessories

Posted by Lorie Mancias on

Spice Up Your Tea with Tea Accessories

If you love tea, you know it is just the thing to start your day first thing in the morning. One sip begins the process of clearing your mind and kick-starting your system. Listing the advantages of tea would be a time-consuming process. There are just too many good things about the beverage. It’s easier to just talk about some of the highlights.

Did you know that tea is rich in anti-oxidants? It helps clear impurities from the body and reduces the effect of free radicals. Certain types of tea exert a slimming effect on the body, resulting in weight loss. There is a wide variety of loose leaf tea flavors because of different plants, soils, and processing methods. Tea accessories are a favorite way to get the flavor you want from your favorite brand and style. 

Tea aficionados and everyday tea drinkers would probably agree that kettles, pots and cups are important tea accessories. Serving the perfect brew is nearly impossible without using the correct items.

Infusers & Strainers

Infusers add simplicity to preparing a cup or pot of tea. The tea you use affects how much to add to the infuser and the time needed to brew. An overall guide is brewing 3 to 5 minutes after adding leaves to the infuser without going over the halfway mark. Tea expands as it brews, so packing the infuser tight interferes with the circulation necessary for a flavorful cup of tea. Remove the tea infuser once the brewing is completed.

Tea strainers work in much the same way. Place the recommended amount of leaves in the strainer and let it steep in the hot water until the tea is ready to drink. Remove it and set it on a saucer to cool. There are several sizes and shapes of strainers and infusers. An advantage of the infuser is that it has finer holes for filtering and keeps leaves, twigs, and sediment from escaping into the brewed tea.

Accessory Features

Decorative teacups and teapots can be purchased separately or in sets that include saucers and matching cream and sugar sets. Bone china, metals, and glass are some of the materials used to make the items used for tea.

Beautiful fine china with delicate patterns is often pricey and used for decoration rather than drinking tea. The important thing is to find the cup that pleases you. A tea cozy covers the teapot to keep the liquid warm. It is removed just before the tea is poured. The patterns and designs are usually quite colorful and decorative.

Tea trays hold the tea service and are used to serve tea. Decorative scrolling or scenery or some of the displays found on the trays, which are made from metal, wood, and other materials. Look for tea accessories in traditional shops and online stores such as www.shop-harmony.com.

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