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Honey Shea Spa Butter - Natural Moisturizing Cream

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ON SALE - COMPLETE SKIN CARE - Transform your skin. Great for feet, elbows, face or any part of the body that needs some extra moisture

SHEA BUTTER - The Body Healer Given its high content in anti-inflammatory and healing components, Shea butter helps the healing of skin disorders and problems like: eczema psoriasis rash hives insect bites poisonous plants contact dermatitis skin cracks burns minor cuts MANUKA HONEY Benefits: Heals acne: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, manuka honey reduces redness and heals congested or inflamed skin and eczema. Additionally, Manuka oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria, drastically improving acne-prone areas. Repairs skin: Manuka promotes skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage and lessens scarring. Hydrates: When applied to your skin, manuka will hold in moisture and absorb moisture from the air for a dewy, glowing complexion. Anti-aging: Because of its moisturizing properties, manuka retains moisture without making skin oily, the first step in wrinkle-free skin. It also inhibits MMP, a group of enzymes that destroy collagen. BABBASU OIL is said to have more hydrating qualities than coconut oil. The unique biological aspect of Babassu oil is that its melting temperature is equivalent to human body temperature. This means that when applied to skin this natural oil melts in easy. It is composed of 70-percent lipid matter which acts as an efficacious emollient for skin. What begins as a solid, waxy substance turns into a soft liquid that quickly absorbs into skin. According to Organic Authority, “Babassu oil works especially well to soothe skin irritations like eczema or itchy, inflamed skin. Babassu oil is also said to contain an abundant quantity of antioxidants and vitamin E, known to improve overall skin health. Acne is another common skin problem said to be alleviated with the use of Babassu oil. The light, mild moisturizer is also said to be non-comedogenic, meaning it should not clog pores. This natural oil is also said o have anti-inflammatory qualities known to be useful in soothing redness and irritation. ENJOY!!!

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