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The Steep Stir II - Best Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Fine Mesh

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  • ★ STEEP STIR II ON SALE - UNIQUE DESIGN FOR STEERING YOUR BREW - MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Perfect Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea - BEST TRAVEL TEA INFUSER - Stir Handle: Fine Mesh: Deeper Scoop to Hold More Tea - Great Tea Cup Infuser.... Makes a superb gift for a special occasion, birthday, wedding, housewarming, etc. especially for someone trying loose leaf tea for the first time. Great gift for Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Friends, Co-worker, etc..
  • ★ BEST PORTABLE LOOSE LEAF TEA INFUSER - great to take to work or school. Very sturdy, handle is great for stirring, fits perfect in a mug, no awkward hook to grip, slim and travel sized.
  • ★ SIMPLE DESIGN HIGH QUALITY This unique strainer is also simple to clean and is dishwasher safe. NO PLASTIC PARTS - ALL STAINLESS STEEL.
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN works great with our small brush to reach in the tube or tap tea out and rinse. Modern looking tea infuser brews a single cup of tea and works great to Infuse tea a second time. If you drink a lot of tea, you'll save money in the long run by buying a reusable tea infuser - Plus, it's better for the environment that way Without the extra packaging, when you finish your tea, you can just toss the leaves in the compost!!
  • ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We believe in always putting the customer first. if you don't love it, just send it back for a full refund with our thanks for giving it a fair trial

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