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Feel Better Wellness Green Tea Blend - Loose Leaf

$ 16.99

🤍 GREAT TASTE - HEALTHY & ENJOYABLE – Come and enjoy one of life's simple healthy pleasures - a cup of tea. A sweet and delicate green tea blend with the fresh scent of lemon after infused with hot water. Carefully processed to preserve their characteristic aroma of citrus, leaves, flowers, and dried fruit all to provide targeted benefits for your body. IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR COLD & FLU SYMPTOMS! These compounds are high in Vitamin C and filled with powerful antioxidants and flavonoids. Low-Caffeine content tea which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Great for use in tea infusers, teapots, or tea balls.

🤍 BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM – Let's face it - we live in a world of germs… The ingredients gathered have been carefully selected for its medicinal properties with the intention to help provide long term health benefits to the drinker. Packed with health-boosting perks that aid your body in its natural ability to fend against the common cold and flu. A CUP A DAY KEEPS THE COLD AWAY: Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.

🤍 THE BENEFITS ARE IN THE WHOLE LEAF! Loose leaf teas to be of finer quality, better processing, and tasting much better than bagged tea. Tea is commonly packaged in “tea bags” for convenience. While the leaves of tea bags must be packed into such a small space that they cannot release a delicious and complex flavor.  The loose tea in a tea bag is generally smaller or broken leaves. When loose tea leaves become broken or crushed the essential oils in the leaf, which give the flavor and health benefits to tea, are destroyed.

🤍 SHARE THE WELLNESS WITH THIS PERFECT TEA GIFT: Who wouldn't want an immune boost right now? Tea makes a great gift option for friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbors and is an amazing idea for any holiday Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother Day, Father Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. At Harmony N More we even have tea accessories to go with the tea gift.

🤍 HAND PACKAGED WITH CARE – All our teas are U.S.A. hand packaged in recyclable Kraft bags. 100% FRESH & SMALL BATCH - We are committed to providing high-quality teas to customers with resealable pouches to keep your tea fresh for every steep. Our teas are the finest teas carefully curated and meticulously hand-crafted by veteran tea tasters with 40+ years of tasting experience associated with the tea industry.  SMALL BUSINESS WITH A BIG HEART– Harmony N More is a family operation dedicated to having a positive effect on people, animals, and the environment. Through our philanthropy, we donate 1% of our revenue is redirected towards charities to help people and animals in need. We hope you enjoy your next cup! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We believe in always putting the customer first.

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